SP_A0185It was 1998 in Belgrade that I made my first electric guitar. Not before long I made several Strat copies and some famous guitars tested them. Their enthusiasm and support convinced me that I should continue and also to start a guitar shop for repairs. During all these years in my shop I met a lot of professional musicians and people who do know and understand the guitar and the tone of the guitar. While working with them and for them and listened very carefuly what’s that a guitarist wants and needs. Knowing a thing or two with electronics I also started making pickups and pedals. The most common thing with many guitar techs and luthiers is that after a while they choose to specialize in one field or the other - or just one part of the whole job of making one guitar - some prefer woodwork to electronics, or prefer to make a perfect guitar finish rather than to level the frets and make perfect setup... At the end of the day on the guitars they make - some parts are world class but some are not even average. From the very begining of doing this job I’ve realized that making guitars is a rather complicated 3D puzzle where if a one or two tiny details are not made optimal then all the effort with 100 or 1000 other is a kind of a  waste. It is just a couple of those not so obvious things that can differentiate excellent and the very top class. Excellent was not enough for me, and that is the reason why  these days many pro guitarists have chosen my guitars, pedals, pickups and repair & tech services, some of them having even decades of experience both with guitars and guitar techs.
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